Product Roadmap

Product roadmap is nothing but a communication and collaboration tool that suggests how the product offering is going to help a company in achieving it's vision. Key objective of any company in general is to add happiness in customer's life and happiness achieved could be measured by visualizing expansion made by customers. The expansion could be related to his business, monitory or personal life as well.

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Productization - Evolution of software products

Process to providing a bundle of deliverables which can cater solution to the generic problems faced by the customers on day to day basis. Stakeholders and time taken to deliver solution in market are two major differences between customer-specific software development and product software development. For customer specific software development company, stakeholder is external and they play a crucial role during the design and development process. Their involvement and regular request for change in design not only consume time but also increases the cost of the project.

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Work Ethics for children

Children at very young age are very curious to learn something new. They generally repeat the activities done by their parents. Curiosity get them involved in watering the plants and cleaning the car along with their father, keep dishes in kitchen as they see their mother doing. These kinds of activities help kids to develop physically as well as mentally. On the other hand there are some kids who do not get the opportunity to contribute or do things which will make them feel valuable. Parents are advised to provide an opportunity to their kids to do some small task in home. Parents should:

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Employee and Manager Relationship

Politics are common in office premises. Sometimes it creates lot of complexities in the organization where it is difficult for you to differentiate between correct and incorrect. Apart from all this, you need to be active and a good team player to develop smooth and healthy relationship in the office.

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"Vision"- Starting point of Leadership

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." ~ Albert Einstein

Leadership begins with strong vision. True leader will always have a clear vision of his destination. And this is very much necessary to lead your followers.

How does a person become a visionary?

If we look closely there are certain experiences in life that trigger a vision.

A strong vision will actually come from a seed that is planted in a person's heart in childhood. May be by parent or relatives or some external factors. Exposure to real world and needs will cause the vision to grow.

Person may get attracted by a project after hearing from someone. This attraction will make him work on something similar with slight different focus to fulfil need of public.

Sometimes a need touches someone's heart so deeply that it has to be completed. This strong desire to do something grows and become a strong vision.

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