Be the change

Sandeep was newly appointed as a general manager in a product based company. He wanted to evaluate his new team so he called a meeting for all the leads.

Sandeep asked, "Can you explain the working process of the team?"

Enthusiastically Ajit replied, "Customer care send us the feedback once in every month. Based on the market feedback we design the new product and then send it for development. Once the development is done product goes into the market."

Hearing this Sandeep asked his team members to provide latest feedback list for the current month and left the meeting room. Knowingly he left his pen in the room which contained a microphone. From his cabin Sandeep listened to all the conversation happening in the meeting room.

Ajit said, "Today is 10th of feb, we will wait for two more days by then customer care will send us the list. Then after we will provide Sandeep the list."

Vijay smiled and said, "Yes Ajit, you are right. It is good to wait for two days then to talk to those arrogant people. They do not respond properly." Finally everyone went to their seat.

Anil took the initiative to contact Ravi, the head of customer care department and asked him to provide the feedback list for the current month. Ravi told Anil to wait for an hour since the list is not ready yet. Meanwhile Sandeep called Ravi, gave his introduction and told him not to provide the report now. Anil waited for couple of hours. After seeing no response from Ravi, he got angry and said, "What do this customer care people think about themselves? I will never call them again."

Manu was a new member in the team. He contacted Ravi and asked for the list. Ravi again promised him to give the list in an hour since the list was not ready. After an hour when Manu didn't found the list, he called Ravi again and requested for the list. Ravi apologized and told, "I totally forgot and didn't prepare the list till now". But also told to provide in an hour. Manu waited patiently and after receiving sent to Sandeep.

Sandeep was watching everything closely and asked, "What kind of employee do you want to be?"

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