The monk and the baby

Once upon a time, there was a monk who lived in a village. One day a young girl from the same village became pregnant. She was unmarried. She did not want to expose her boyfriend. So out of fear when her parents asked her who is responsible, she pointed her finger to that monk.

Her parents were enraged. The next day, whole village turned up to the monk and blamed him. "How could you?" "You dirty old man!" "You are a disgrace!" "Get out of our village, you hypocrite!" Some villagers even threaten the monk for life.

After listening to all the allegations put by the villagers, monk said "Is that so?" and went back for meditation.

After some days, the young girl gave birth to a baby. Parents of the young girl were very unhappy and wanted to get rid of the child.

The parents and the villagers went to the monk and said, "You are responsible for this baby. Hence you should bring up the baby!" Once again, monk said "Is that so?" He took the young baby in his arms and went inside his hut.

Monk had lost all his reputation by now but he was not troubled by it. He took very good care of the baby. He uses to obtain milk and other things that the child needed from his neighbours.

One year had passed, young girl was feeling very lonely after been separated from her child. She desperately wanted to see her baby. She was feeling guilty of her act and finally told the real story to her parents. When all the villagers came to know the truth, they all felt ashamed of doing wrong to the monk.

All the villagers gathered once again and went to the monk. They all asked forgiveness. Monk looked at all of them and listening, he smiled and said "Is that so?" Finally, he handed the baby back to the young girl.


"When you are right, even one thousand angels swearing that you are wrong do not matter. But when you are wrong, ten thousand angels swearing that you are right will not make any difference".

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