What a Business Analyst do?

Business Analyst (BA) is the professionals who study the business need of their customers. BA studies the problem undergone by the clients and gives them the solutions to make their business run smoothly. In IT industries, BA acts as a business interface between the client and the SDLC of a product.

Software development Life Cycle has a specific phase flow which Business Analyst has to be a part of it.
  • Initial business idea which generally comes from the customers as the requirements.

  • Feasibility of the requirements is done to check how it can be provided in the product and by which technology.

  • Business requirements as well as functional are documented.

  • Planning for actual deliverables is done. It includes analyzing, designing, coding, testing and implementation phase.

  • Finally the project closure includes the documentation, user manual and after implementation support.

Daily activity of a Business Analyst includes.
  • Guiding the client towards the effective methods and way to successful completion of the project.

  • Identify the problems encountered by the client and provide them with better solutions.

  • Identify the risk involved on the business and manage them effectively.

  • Planning for actual deliverables is done. It includes analyzing, designing, coding, testing and implementation phase.

  • Proper coordination with other projects so that correlation can be established.

  • Constantly working towards the improvement of the business processes.

  • Gathering the business requirements from the market.

  • Able to analysis the data.

  • Forecast and make proper strategy to provide better solutions.

  • Effective documentation.

  • Excellent presentation skills, communication skills.

Role and responsibility of a Business Analyst.
Role of a business analyst is very crucial in software development. He has to:
  • Provide assistant with the business case from the beginning to the end of the project.

  • Go through the requirement of the client thoroughly and check the feasibility before the project is started.

  • Design the project along with internal help.

  • Review the use cases as well the test cases.

  • Keep track of the project progress and provide necessary guidance.

  • Processing the request for change by the client.

  • Supervision of project operation.

  • Track the implementation position.

  • Accept, install and deploy resources in order to bring the project to conclusion.

So, a Business Analyst has a major role and responsibility to play in a software industry. In other words, BA holds the major part of the organization turnover.

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